** Welcome to Chosen One Awards! **

30/5: Wow what a long break - the longest I have ever taken but I have been doing so much. Helping my husband with his business and launching my online store which still needs to be improved: www.lovefurnitureuk.com 

I am away for the next few weeks but definitely still here! luvtheheaven I will add all submissions shortly I have them all safe.

I am really cracking on with the Remind me Challenge that I bet everyone thought I had forgotten so please dont think I dont care because I do!!

Miss you all!! Mazza.


10/11: Awards for Round 69 are finally up! Please please submit to Round 70 as this will probably be a Christmas theme!

I am now off to finish the judging on my mini challenge! 

 Also, please see my notes below on my friend's book, she is desperate for people to read a few chapters!


27/10: At last the round is now closed and I thank everyone for entering!

 Please remember the siblings mini challenge is open and we have three lonely submissions at the moment!

Now, exciting news for those interested in the 'Remind me' thank you awards, I will VERY SOON be posting them and I am very very excited to be thanking you for giving me such great memories!

Winners of the last mini challenge should also be up soon so plenty to stick around for!


 On a different note, I would like to use this little space to promote my friend's first novel. It is a work in progress and she should have it finished in a few weeks ready for Kindle. I am looking for anyone who wants to read it for free to give her an idea of whether it is any good so please tag me. Her website is:


The first book is a graphic thriller and details are below of the cover. Please also follow her on twitter @safiajones or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/safia.jones.9

 She needs as much support as we can manage:


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